Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mexican Name Trends - Going By Your Middle Name

If you live in Mexico, whatever you do, do not pick a middle name that you want to keep under wraps, since one of the first trends that noticed in Queretaro is the equal power and availabilty of the first and middle names.  In fact, many parents even place their favorite name in the middle spot!  And if parents don't use it, teachers will. When they notice an interesting middle name in their roster, they like to use it with the first name, or even better, switch off between the first and middle names of that student, who quickly learns to answer to both.  As adults, it is common that Mexicans with middle names choose to either go by their middle name instead of their first name, or go by both names said together.   Some children with a popular combination of first and middle names go by a nickname that combines them.  I've listed the combination nicknames that I have encountered below.

For Boys:
Juan Fernando - Juanfer
Luis Miguel - Luismi (The famous singer Luis Miguel was often called Luismi by adoring fans)
Juan José - Juanjo
José Maria - Chema

For Girls:
Maria Fernanda - Marifer and Mafer
Maria Jose - Marijo (Think Mary Jo)
Maria Elena - Malena
María de Lourdes - Malu
María Eugenia - Maru

Could you make a nickname by combining two latin names?  How about two American names?  I thought of Mary Jo, but I know there are more.  Do you know anyone who goes by a combination nickname that's not on this short list?

And, my Mexican and latino amigos, do you go by your middle name?  It seems like a much more common practice in Mexico than in the U.S., even for latinos who live here.

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