Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Inspiration for Spanglish Baby

My name enthusiasm and baby fever have finally caught up to me, and now as a senior member of a baby name website, I have been actively (and even obsessively) participating in its name forums and blog-reading. But now it's my turn to give back. The lovely creators of have encouraged and inspired me to create a name blog of my own called Spanglish Baby, which is all about Mexican names!

Even though I am a quarter Hispanic and a Spanish Degree holder, I did not experience a true cultural immersion until I studied abroad, married a Mexican and worked as a teacher in Queretaro, Mexico. As a name enthusiast, I couldn't help but observe trends in the names that I had to memorize anyway! So whether you are looking for a distinctly Mexican name for your baby or are interested in the naming trends of latino cultures, I hope you glean some inspiration from Spanglish Baby.

As a disclaimer, I do not profess myself to be a name authority; this blog is my personal take on names.
But I would love to hear the experiences that you have to add, so thank you in advance for your feedback and comments!

Muchas Gracias!


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